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  Ritron Callbox - 1 Series

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Put Ritron communication tools to work for you! Add a Ritron Callbox to any area where communication is a must, but a portable radio just won't cut it. The 1 Series Ritron Callbox provides long range 2-way voice communication from a fixed location to portable, mobile, stationary base station radios, or through radio repeaters. Without costly trenching or monthly fees, add the security, convenience and productivity benefits of the 1 Series Ritron Callbox. It can be DC battery or AC powered, utilizing Ritron's external power options. The 1 Series Ritron Callbox is available in both Basic and XT (extra tough) enclosures.

 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

  • Simple 2-Way Communications

  • Available in both, VHF and UHF

  • Wide or Narrow Band Frequency Compatible

  • Basic and XT feature weather-resistant housings

  • Battery Powered (6 D Cell)

  • External Power Optional - See Accessories

  • Field or PC Programmable (See Accessories for Software)

  • Adjustable Power Output (UHF only)

  • Adjustable Speaker Volume

  • Low Battery Alert

  • External Power Fail Alert

  • Call Tone

  • XT Model Features

  •     -Fiberglass Hi-Vis Yellow Enclosure
        -Stainless Steel Faceplate
        -Tamper-Resistant Fasteners
        -Internal Antenna
        -Grill Guard to protect vandalism to speaker

  • 27 VHF/77 UHF Field Programmable Frequencies
  •  Description   Features   Specs   Systems   Accessories 

    The 1 Series Ritron Callbox can used as a part of following systems...


     Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

    1 Series Callbox Accessories (Basic and XT Enclosure):
    AFB-1545   Replacement BNC Antenna
    RAM-1545   Dual-Band VHF/UHF magnet-mount antenna w/ 20ft. RG-58 coax/BNC
    RAM-1545   Dual-Band VHF/UHF magnet-mount antenna w/ 20ft. RG-58 coax/BNC
    RAM-45   UHF 1/4 wave whip magnet-mount antenna w/12ft. RG-58 coax/PL-259
    R-STROBE   Blue Strobe Light, 120 VAC, 1 Amp
    RSS-100   Solar Power System - Includes:
    GGT-1   DTMF Decoder Board, Factory Install (Field Installation Kit available - GGT-1F)
    RQE-2   MDC1200 ANI or G-Star Board Installed
    RPT-PCPK-10.1   1 Series Callbox Programming Kit
    RPT-PCPS-10.1   1 Series Callbox Programming Software
    25107400   T-25 Tamper Resistant Torx Bit
    2147C002   9-Pin to USB Adapter

    Basic Enclosure Accessories:
    RK-RQXMB   Mounting Brackets for Basic Enclosure Callbox
    RPS-EXPO-PLUS   External Power kit for the 1 Series Basic Enclosure Callbox
    14280012   Replacement Placard for Basic Enclosure Callbox

    XT Enclosure Accessories:
    RQX-XTMK   Mounting Plate for XT Enclosure Callbox
    RQX-XTMK-GN   Gooseneck Pedestal Mounting Plate for XT Enclosure Callbox
    RPS-EXPO   External Power kit for the 1 Series XT Enclosure Callbox

    "Radio Callbox System Improves Safety for California Schools" (PDF) "Radio Callbox System Bolsters Safety at Children's Hospital" (PDF)
    "Good Call - Ritron Callboxes Add Profit to Golf Course Ops" (PDF) "Franklin College - Student Request For Emergency System" (PDF)
    "Radio Callbox Speeds Refueling Process for Boaters and Marina Operators" (PDF) "Radio Callbox Enhances Security For Canadian After-School Program" (PDF)












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