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Ritron Callboxes

Ritron offers a Family of Cost-effective Ritron Callboxes:

All Ritron Series Callboxes are available in Light Duty and Heavy Duty XT models. The Heavy Duty XT features a weather-resistant fiberglass enclosure, a stainless steel faceplate with tamper-resistant fasteners and a concealed antenna making it perfect to withstand any element.

Family of Callboxes

Download Callbox Brochure (PDF)
Download Callbox with Keypad Brochure (PDF)

Mounting bracket dimentional drawings:
CALLBOX-XT Mounting Hole Pattern (PDF)
RK-RQX-MB Mounting Bracket Pattern (PDF)
RQX-XTMK Mounting Bracket Pattern (PDF)
RQX-XTMK-GN Mounting Bracket Pattern (PDF)
XT Mounting Tabs Pattern (PDF)

"Radio Callbox System Improves Safety for California Schools" (PDF) "Radio Callbox System Bolsters Safety at Children's Hospital" (PDF)
"Good Call - Ritron Callboxes Add Profit to Golf Course Ops" (PDF) "Franklin College - Student Request For Emergency System" (PDF)
"Radio Callbox Speeds Refueling Process for Boaters and Marina Operators" (PDF) "Radio Callbox Enhances Security For Canadian After-School Program" (PDF)
"1" Series Features:

▫ Two-Way Communication

▫ Battery Powered or
Optional External Power

▫Wide or Narrow Band

▫Adjustable Power Output
All “1” Series Features Plus:

▫ Built-In Switch Relay for Remote Control Capability

▫ 2-Tone Decode


▫ Sensor Input
All “1” & “6” Series Features Plus:

▫ Talking Callbox: Programmable Voice Recording for Automatic Greeting

▫ Voice Locations Identification



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