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Ritron Callboxes

Ritron offers a Family of Cost-effective OutPost Callboxes:

All OutPost Series Callboxes are available in Light Duty and Heavy Duty XT models. The Heavy Duty XT features a weather-resistant fiberglass enclosure, a stainless steel faceplate with tamper-resistant fasteners and a concealed antenna making it perfect to withstand any element.

Family of Callboxes

Download Callbox Brochure (PDF)
Download Callbox with Keypad Brochure (PDF)
Download Mounting Bracket Options (PDF)

"Radio Callbox System Improves Safety for California Schools" (PDF)
"Radio Callbox System Bolsters Safety at Children's Hospital" (PDF)
"Franklin College - Student Request For Emergency System" (PDF)
"Good Call - Ritron Callboxes Add Profit to Golf Course Ops" (PDF)


"1" Series Features:

▫ Two-Way Communication

▫ Battery Powered or
Optional External Power

▫Wide or Narrow Band

▫Adjustable Power Output

All “1” Series Features Plus:

▫ Built-In Switch Relay for Remote Control Capability

▫ 2-Tone Decode


▫ Sensor Input
All “1” & “6” Series Features Plus:

▫ Talking Callbox:
Programmable Voice Recording for Automatic Greeting

▫ Voice Locations Identification



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