History of Ritron


  • Scheduled for 1stQ11 - New Next Generation Ritron Quick Talk™ and Quick Assist® Voice Alert Transmitter


  • Introduced next generation embedded RF transceiver series DTX-145/445
  • US based Class I railroad places order for Tri-Mode VNB Digital NXDN® RCCR locomotive radios
  • Largest regional railroad in Mexico places order for Dual-Mode RCCR locomotive radios
  • Major US retailer of crafts and home decor places order for Quick Assist® Callboxes


  • Introduced Tri-Mode Capable, Very Narrow Band (6.25KHz), Digital NXDN® version of the RCCR locomotive radio.
  • Class I railroad based in Canada places order for Tri-Mode VNB Digital NXDN® locomotive radios


  • Introduced RCCR Locomotive Clean Cab Radio. Specialized, heavy-duty 2-way radio provides onboard communication for freight and transit railroad operations. 1-piece model and 2-piece remote head model.
  • Introduced LPA Series LoudMouth Receiver. Receiver connects to "wired" PA Speaker System, allows 2-way radios (on the same frequency) to make PA announcements over the "wires" speaker systems. Also works with LM Stand-Alone PA System introduced in 2006.


  • Introduced DTXM radio modem. Radio transceiver and modem in one ultra > small footprint. Provides RS-232 data connection and the following data rates: 19.2bps @ 25kHz, 9600bps @ 12.5kHz, 4800bps @ 6.25kHz.


  • Introduced LM Series LoudMouth, Wireless "Stand-Alone" PA System - allows receivers/speakers to be located anywhere without trenching. Also eliminates costly re-wiring typically required to replace wired PA speaker system. Allows 2-way radios to make PA annoucements through the wireless receivers/speakers.
  • Introduced the RPM 60 Series Mobile Radio Line - Small, simple-to-use, and affordable for Wide and/or Narrow Band Frequency Users.
  • Second research satellite equipped with special Ritron transceivers scheduled for launch in '06.
  • Re-introduced new version of Teleswitch® Wireless Switch Control System


  • “5 Watt” Liberty™ Repeater introduced


  • Research satellite launched into low Earth orbit equipped with special application Ritron transceivers.
  • Introduced RadioNexus® transceiver for RoIP Apps – connects to a radio gateway or IP Router


  • DTX Ls Series RF transceivers introduced for OEM applications


  • Introduced first complete PC programmable “shoe box” size repeater under $1000 “2 Watt” Liberty™ Repeater
  • Introduced 8 Watt UHF Exciter™ Transceiver for wide-area infrastructure apps
  • Introduced GateGuard® System – First long-range wireless intercom w/ built-in Access Control capability
  • Introduced ruggedized OutPost® XT Call Box
  • Capital investment upgrades capabilities of automated assembly "surface mount" department


  • Introduced OutPost® Callbox


  • DTX Plus Series RF Transceivers Introduced for OEM applications
  • Introduced Quick Assist® I and II Shopper Callboxes


  • Introduced 454 Series UHF LTR Trunking Capable Portables
  • Introduced Quick Talk™ Voice Alarm Reporter


  • Introduced Compact, Desktop Base Station


  • Technology transfer with Sandia National Labs lays groundwork for RTU RF telemetry product Line


  • Introduced high performance rack mount UHF RRX Repeater
  • Ritron building expansion project - manufacturing space doubles


  • Introduced SST Series portable radios


  • Introduced Patriot® brand mobile radio. Available in Low Band, VHF, UHF Frequency Bands.


  • Introduced Patriot® brand portable radio. Available in Low Band, VHF, UHF Frequency Bands.
  • First fully programmable microprocessor controlled radio products introduced


  • Capital investment to add robotic manufacturing technique - allows use of miniature components and smaller radios.


  • NOAA Weather receive feature added to all VHF radios.


  • Desktop paging system with companion pager receiver


  • RadioModem® – integrated package included RF transceiver and 1200bps asynchronus modem
  • JobCom® VOX offers built-In voice activated technology for hands-free communication


  • Ritron moves to new 35,000 square foot facility
  • “Responder Plus” Repeater – first full duplex, single board repeater design
  • Introduced DataFlow®, a 1-Way, radio telemetry system


  • Introduced Telenexus® Full Duplex Telephone Line Extender - Provided wireless last-mile telephone/fax line solution
  • Industrial strength cordless telephone system


  • Developed the industry standard, user-friendly, frequency color-dot system (ie. blue dot, green dot) for Jobcom radio line.
  • JobCom® brand 2-Way radio. first low-cost, High Quality 2-Way radio designed for the mass market
  • VHF & UHF Receivers, Transmitters and Transceivers offered to OEM customers
  • Introduced TeleSwitch® system - Wireless contact closure control/monitoring


  • Introduced the first synthesized Ritron® portable with PROM technology


  • Low band portable, 6 Watts, Crystal-Controlled 25-50MHz>


  • First desktop UHF Repeater “The Responder” with internal duplexer - Half the price of other repeaters


  • First low-cost (under $300), high quality VHF, UHF & Aircraft band portable radios


  • Manufacturing operation begins in 1,000 sq. ft. leased building with 6 employees


  • Business started in 200 sq. ft. office space with 3 employees

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