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The LoudMouth wireless PA speaker is the ideal solution where a hard-wired PA installation is simply impossible, too expensive, or temporary. The LoudMouth allows you to use your portable 2-way radio, base station or mobile radio to deliver live voice messages directly to a PA speaker up to 2 miles away. Professional grade wireless communication... Keeping People Connected!

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Wireless PA Delivers Clear, Audible Messaging To Sprawling Coal Fired Power Plant

Ritron Wireless Solution is Filling the Gap in Emergency Response

 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

• Works With Your Two-Way Radio
• Long Range, Up To 2 Mile Range
• No Trenching, No Extensive Cabling
• Improves Communication, Safety and Security
• Field-Programmable -Frequency Codes, Tone Codes, Paging Codes, Volume Levels and Shut-off Timer
• PA Speaker is Individually Paged
• Loud, PA Horn Speaker (95dB SPL@ 50 ft.)
• Installs Virtually Anywhere
• Operates on 110 VAC (Optional Back-Up Battery)

 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

• The LoudMouth radio receiver is small and lightweight (7"H x 5"W x 3"D, 2lbs). It is housed in a rugged, sealed, weather-resistant housing and includes a wall mounting bracket. The radio receiver should be mounted indoors away from the elements.

• The indoor /outdoor 5.5 Watts horn speaker provides 95 dB of audio output @ 50 feet, so even in noisy environments you can get your message out loud and clear. The loud PA horn speaker includes a mounting bracket.

• The LoudMouth radio receiver with built-in 8 Watts audio power amplifier is available in the VHF 150-165 MHz band and the UHF 450-470 MHz band.

• 5 Pre-set Volume Output Levels to select from.

• Each LoudMouth radio receiver and PA speaker combination can be paged individually. Multiple units can be placed throughout a facility, programmed identically, and activated simultaneously as a group.

• 9 Auto Shut-Off Timer selections (5 seconds to 4 minutes). After receiver is successfully paged, a pre-set timer will begin count down. A valid radio signal must be received within the selected time interval or the receiver will re-set.

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 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

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RAM-1545 -If additional receiving range is needed, an optional external antenna with 25 feet of cable can be connected to the receiver and installed in a more optimal location.

BP-LM6 -Optional back-up battery is rechargeable and will power the LoudMouth radio receiver/PA for approximately 10 hours if the 110 VAC power source should fail. (Duty cycle = 10 calls/Hr @ 5 second duration each call).

LM-DTMF -Optional DTMF (touch-tone) decoder (factory installed). Allows keypad equipped radios to selectively page LoudMouth receiver/ PA. DTMF decoder allows Ritron Quick Talk Voice Alarm Reporter automatic paging access to LoudMouth receiver/PA.

PM# 05500040 -Optional LoudMouth PA Horn Speaker.

LMH-100 -Water-proof, tamper resistant fiberglass housing for LoudMouth receiver.

RSS-100 -SolarPower Package; includes 10 Watt solar panel, charge controller, lead-acid battery and NEMA-3 enclosure.

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