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The new RRX-460 UHF Repeater from Ritron is a high performance machine. Its Fast Attack Time and Low Distortion Digital Waveform provides you with optimum trunking handshake performance and maximum range...that means less busy signals and your customers get connected on the first try.

This repeater features a high spec receiver with 80 dB Intermodulation Rejection and 0.25 uV Sensitivity for better performance in high RF signal level environments. To enhance the performance of the repeater's ten poles of IF filtering, improvements to the already low noise oscillator were made along with careful attention to circuit topology and shielding. The oscillator uses a ceramic coaxial resonator for an ultra-low noise output spectrum, thus resulting in better adjacent channel rejection in wide or narrow band channel allocations. Plus, the new RRX-460 Repeater is Dual-Mode, Wide or Narrow, Selectable Bandwidth for maximum flexibility in trunking or conventional radio systems.

 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 


Built to rigid standards, the Patriot Exciter delivers excellent intermodulation, sensitivity and selectivity specifications. A temperature compensation oscillator (TCXO) ensures 1.5 ppm frequency stability and accuracy during ambient temperature changes.

Synthesized technology makes repeater set-up fast and convenient. Programmable features include TX & RX Frequencies, Coded Signalling, Hang-Time Timer, Time-Out Timer, and Morse Code Station ID.

The modular design of the internal electronics of the Patriot Exciter allows for quick replacement and repair while on-site.

Rugged, lightweight aluminum housinng is perfect for equipment room installations or 19" rack mounting at a repeater site.

Standard signalling includes CTCSS or DCS encode/decode. An optional plug-in, dip switch programmable CTCSS tone modules increase the capability from one to two CTCSS tones. The exciter accessory connector provides a convenient interface to an external tone panel. The Patriot Exciter is capable of separate CTCSS encode and decode tones by using the optional plug-in board and programming it to a separate tone frequency. DCS Signalling includes all standard and inverted digital codes.

The Patriot Exciter is designed for continuous duty operation. Two 12 VDC fans are standard.

Allows the Patriot Exciter to be connected to and controlled by other devices such as, tone panels, trunking controllers, and control stations.

UHF Frequency Range: 450 - 470 MHz
• High spec receiver front-end with new double balanced mixer
• Fast TX Attack Time (15 ms)
• Dual Bandwidth Selectable, Narrow or Wide
• Frequency Stability: + 1.5 ppm (-30° C to +60° C)
• Selectable fan options
• Compact size 1.75" X 19.0" X 12.0" standardvrack or desktop
• 1 - 8 Watt adjustable, 100% continuous duty
• IC (Canada) type acceptance approval pending
• One year warranty
• Designed, manufactured, and serviced in the USA

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To get the specs for the RRX-460, call us at 1-800-872-1872.

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