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The Dataflow RTU is a commercial version of a product successfully designed and manufactured by Ritron for the U.S. Department of Energy's Sandia Laboratories.

Each Dataflow RTU is ready for operation and consists of a unique micro-power RTU and plug-in synthesized radio transceiver module. The unit's many features and capabilities combine to provide one versatile, low-cost package. It allows you to easily connect industrial instrumentation and control signals from multiple sites using RF wireless technology.

With the Dataflow RTU, applications range from simple point-to-point applications using two or three units, to applications using as many Dataflow RTUs as required when a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or computer is used as the master control unit.

The Dataflow RTU enables you to save valuable employee time and reduce costs by eliminating the need to dispatch personnel to a site for data collection purposes. With the Dataflow RTU and its many battery powered options you can collect information on a routine basis; from remote sites that are difficult to reach and where there is no power to sites that you previously thought were impossible. The Dataflow RTU can reduce your data collection costs and at the same time provide more information, and on a near real-time basis.

 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

2-Way RF technology
Provides enhanced system capabilities, such as those required for access control applications. Wireless technology enables greater mobility, rapid deployment and quick set-up.This reduces or eliminates installation delays, provides lower total cost, less down time and higher reliability.

Programmable Digital & Analog Inputs/Outputs
-Six Inputs programmable as either Digital or Analog
-Two Analog Outputs configurable to 0-5V or 0-20mA
-Two Latching Relay Outputs that hold their condition without power
The RTU's combination of flexible, programmable inputs and outputs are designed to meet the needs of the widest possible applications. Additional inputs and outputs are obtained by connecting standard MODBUS compatible I/O expansion devices to the Dataflow RTU's Serial Communications port.

Reliable & Efflcient RF Communications Protocol
Over the air communications between RTUs use 1200 bps Manchester coded direct FM modulation with the MODBUS protocol's inherent Error Detection and Acknowledgment process.This modulation type combined with the fully integrated radio provides effective scan times faster than other systems that use FSK modems with voice grade radios.Qpical unit to unit latency time is less than 1/2 second.

Field Programmable Options
A common serial programming interface configures both the R?ZT and synthesized plug-in radio transceiver module. This allows for fast set-up and programming of the unit to customer requirements.

Digital Repeater Mode
Individual Dataflow RTUs can be programmed to function as repeaters giving the system greater range.

Micro-Power Operation -This feature enables Dataflow
RTUs to be placed at remote locations where there is no source of power. In its lowest power mode, with system integrity and update transmissions made several times an hour, the unit will run for 3-6 months on internal alkaline batteries.The same system will run indefinitely when the RTU is equipped with the integrated solar power option.

Versatile Power Supply Options
The Dataflow RTU can be powered in a variety of ways depending on the requirements of the application
-Internal AA Alkaline or AA NiCad Battery Holder
-Internal NiCad Rechargeable Battery Pack
-Integrated Solar Panel/Charger
-External DC Power - By supplying an AC to DC 110/220VAC.
Power supply the unit can fe operated from
-AC with Battery Back-Up and Power Fail Message

Watertight Housing And Connectors
A water tight enclosure and connector system prevents dirt, dust or moisture ingress.The Dataflow RTU is designed to perform without interruption even in harsh environments.

Fail-Safe/Loss-Of-Signal Mode
The Outputs of the Dataflow RTU can be programmed to revert to a 9600 bps. Fail-Safe condition if loss-of-signal occurs.

 Description   Features   Specs   Accessories 

To view the Dataflow RTU specs, download the product brochure.

 Description   Features   Specs   Systems   Accessories 

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