Help Prevent Loss In Retail

RQA Quick Assist Wireless Shopper Callbox Aids Retailers in Loss Prevention

Ritron RQA Wireless Shopper CallboxAre you - or do you know - a retail store owner or manager? If so, you are likely aware of the term loss prevention. Every retail establishment must deal with product loss (coined shrinkage in the industry) by taking steps to prevent theft and the disappearing profits that result.

One way retailers have addressed theft is by securing high-value products behind locked glass cases. This has certainly helped to prevent loss, but undesired effects include:

To help alleviate this pain, our reseller partners have provided solutions to retailers by having them purchase a wireless shopper callbox. How does this shopper callbox help with loss prevention?

The result of adding this wireless shopper callbox to address loss prevention has been:

Additionally, the retailer has realized a low-cost, fast and efficient way to maximize customer satisfaction. 

Purchase a Ritron RQA Wireless Shopper Callbox through our network of authorized reseller partners across the United States. Send us an email at or call us at 800.872.1872 and we'll connect you with a trusted partner.

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