Safe Communication for Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Healthcare Medical Patient Safe Communication
Radio Solutions For Safe Communication at a Distance for Medical Facilities

Healthcare and medical workers need safe communication. Two-way radios are ideal for safe communication at a distance. Put a 2-way radio callbox virtually anywhere to improve safety for patients, doctors, and nursing staff. Equip a temporary or portable structure with callboxes to facilitate safe distancing requirements.

No wires, no trenching, no construction required! Can be used stand-alone using alkaline batteries or can be powered using external AC adapter. These solutions provide crisp, clear, long-range two-way voice communication.

  • Overflow Medical Center, Field Hospital
  • Replace faulty Patient Pull Cords
  • Solutions for Portable, Temporary Medical Areas
  • Emergency Overflow
  • Safe Patient Arrival for Examination and Testing
  • Visitor Waiting Rooms
  • Security stations
  • Medical Offices - Patient Arrival
  • On-Site Communication: Medical, Hospital Parking Garages
  • Communicating to and from Safe Quarantined Areas
  • Veterinary Offices - Announce Arrival

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Radio Products Ideas for Safe On-Site Communication for Healthcare

Wireless, Battery-Powered Callboxes

Essential for a person without a radio to communicate with someone that is monitoring a base station desktop radio or two-way radio. Callboxes provide stand-alone or full system utility at the curbside, entry access management of doors and gates, hospital and parking garage safety and security, and wherever a fixed wireless battery-operated radio is advantageous.

Assistance Needed Call Button


The Quick Assist: With a touch of a button, a pre-recorded message is transmitted to nursing or other medical staff monitoring radio communication for immediate and safe notification. With the Quick Assist, patients simply push a button when they need assistance. Your personnel are immediately alerted with a customized voice message to a base station desktop radio or two-way radio.

walkie talkie base station ritron jbsBase Station Desktop Radio

This is a fixed-location radio that may be located at a nursing station, on a desk, or mounted on a wall or stand to allow essential staff the ability to communicate with other employees or visitors to their medical facility. This is a cost-effective, AC powered, fixed location 2-way radio that may be used as a wireless intercom. Ideal for use with portable radios and callboxes.

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