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The Quick Assist® wireless shopper call button provides a low-cost, fast and efficient way to boost customer service, control costs and improve employee productivity. With the Quick Assist, customers simply push a button when they need assistance. Your two-way radio-equipped personnel are immediately alerted with a customized voice message. The Quick Assist is compatible with your existing store 2-way radios and talks directly to radio-equipped personnel. It does not require any additional wireless infrastructure (e.g. no WiFi) for operation and is the ideal solution for any business wanting to maximize customer satisfaction, product sales, and employee productivity.
Places to use the Quick Assist Call Button . . .

Retail:  Learn More About The Retail Application



Other Applications


Regulatory Approvals 

VHF MURS, License-Exempt, FCC Part 95

VHF/UHF, License-Required, FCC Part 90

VHF/UHF, License-Required, ISED Industry Canada

UHF-GMRS, License-Exempt, ISED Industry Canada

UHF ETSI, For Europe 


Quick Assist Brochure 

Custom Labeling for the Ritron Quick Assist® Shopper Call Button


Custom Labeling for the Ritron Quick Assist® Shopper Call Button Speaks To Many Applications

rqa_labels2In addition to our popular and standard easy to read “How can we help?” text on the label of the Quick Assist® Shopper Call Button, our customers have asked if the label can be customized to match their brand standards, attract attention, and be specific to the call button location.

Yes we can! Color, language, text, font, and imagery are only limited by your creativity and imagination. Here are a few examples to spur some thought - be sure to contact your account manager to discuss further.



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All Ritron products are field programmable. Find user manuals with complete instructions here, and for PC programmable products.

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See How We Helped Improve School Safety

by installing a radio call box system for authorized access to campus facilities

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