Data Radio Systems: It’s the INSIDE that Counts!

Ritron wireless products can help keep your team safe during COVID and beyond. We make more than just radio callboxes and wireless PA systems. We also design and manufacture DTX radio modules and telemetry products - the “wireless” in data radio systems. DTX radios are the backbone of the wireless world. 

If you look inside certain industrial-grade systems used to measure and report out values remotely, or systems that wirelessly transmit a switch closure or possibly even more complex machinery like a train-telemetry system, chances are you’ll find Ritron radio technology embedded on the inside. DTX radios are the wireless link used to transmit this data to one or many locations, via radio. The data, which are typically in digital format, are converted to an audio signal, which might sound like a voice. Modems perform this conversion, either inside the data radio, like in our DTXM radio modems or externally using the OEM’s conversion circuitry and our DTX transceiver modules.

Currently, Ritron’s DTX radios are at work around the world in a variety of industries, including the US Military, state and local government, early warning weather systems, agriculture, irrigation, fire alarm and security systems, and the railroad industry. If you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), a large company with a custom radio technology need, a government agency looking for flood, wastewater, or even municipal golf course data radio solution, DTX radio technology might be a tool for you.

Ritron products aren’t a commodity—they’re designed and built to last. DTX radios are designed, manufactured and supported in America.

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