Remote Monitoring

Connect up to 4 different sensors or switches to the Ritron QuickTalk™ and record a corresponding voice message for each, when the sensor or switch detects a change, your custom voice message will be immediately transmitted to the appropriate radio-equipped personnel.


Sensor Monitoring, Voice-Alerting Transmitter

QuickTalk RQT Transmitter with Optional KeyFOB Receiver

Send a pre-recorded voice alert to all your portable radios with a compact key FOB transmitter or wireless button. Can be used for emergency and non-emergency applications. Ideal for use in healthcare facilities, assisted living, hospitals, schools, courtrooms, retail and hospitality / hotel markets. 

QuickTalk™ RQT Sensor Monitoring, Voice-Alerting Radio Transmitters

Monitor virtually any sensor, switch or process 24/7 over your 2-way radio system. Wireless alerting empowers your staff to respond to emergencies more quickly.

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