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Electrical Generation Plant: Wireless PA/Mass Notification System


Wireless PA/Mass Notification system provides instant, facility-wide notification capabilities using business band 2-way radios.

Keep employees and visitors informed whether it is routine announcements or emergency notifications.

Wireless technology allows easy placement of receiver/PA speaker combinations through-out a building, multiple-buildings or even in detached structures or even in remote of areas.

Compatible with VHF or UHF business band two-way radios, the Ritron LoudMouth wireless PA system provides a cost-effective, reliable, PA solution for many different industries.

After reviewing several alternatives, including re-wiring the facility with a hard-wired PA system, this electrical generating plant chose instead to deploy the Ritron LoudMouth wireless solution system consisting of several hundred strategically placed receiver/PA speakers to blanket their facility.

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by installing a radio call box system for authorized access to campus facilities


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