Wireless Shopper Call Button
Quick Assist Customer Callbox

The Quick Assist® wireless call button is a fast and easy way for retailers to boost customer service, control costs and improve employee efficiency. Stand-alone and battery powered, no wires and no Wi-Fi or IT infrastructure needed. Whether in the BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store) area, customer service counter, or at a locked display case, shoppers simply push a button for assistance and associates are instantly and directly alerted with a customized voice message on their 2-way radio.


Customer Service-Call Button

Quick Assist® RQA Wireless Shopper Call Button

The Quick Assist® wireless shopper call button provides a low-cost, fast and efficient way to boost customer service, control costs, and improve employee productivity.

Wireless Alerting – Shopper Call Button RQT-RCVR and RQA-1B Quick Assist

Wireless, battery-powered call button allows customers and staff to call for assistance. "Assistance Needed" message is instantly and discretely transmitted to all radio-equipped associates. Easy install, no wires, no PA pollution.

2-Way Wireless Intercom and Wireless Voice Doorbell

DoorCom® Wireless Intercom

DoorCom long-range wireless technology provides a means for visitors or employees to communicate from the outside of a locked door to radio-equipped* staff inside the facility.

Quick Assist® RQA-DB Wireless Voice Doorbell

The Quick Assist® Wireless Voice Doorbell provides a means for employees to announce their arrival from the outside of a locked door directly to radio-equipped staff inside the facility. Workers can stay focused and productive until they receive the voice alert notification.

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