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What Option Is Right For My Application? 

Differences between solutions.....

RQA-DB Doorbell  1-Way Transmit From Button (Doorbell) To Portable 2-Way Radio or Another Compatible Radio 

RDC DoorCom  2-Way Communication From DoorCom To Portable 2-Way Radio or Another Compatible Radio 

Radio Callbox:  2-Way Communication From Callbox To Portable 2-Way Radio or Another Compatible Radio 

  • If the organization only wants to notify employees that a customer/delivery driver, personnel, or guest is at a locked door, the RQA-DB 1-way is the solution
  • If the organization wants to be notified AND speak back and forth with the customer/delivery driver, personnel or guest, then the RDC or Callbox 2-way is the solution
  • The RDC is a lower profile device, but still requires wires to be run through the wall to the inside
  • The Callbox when operating on battery power can be mounted on the wall or a pole without the need for additional wiring or installation requirements.
  • The Callbox also provides the additional feature of a “relay” which can be connected to the maglock on the door. The Callbox can be programmed with the portable radios allowing the employee to “trigger” the lock on the door to be opened by sending a “code” to the Callbox relay.
    • Example: The delivery driver pushes the PTT on the Callbox. The employee with the portable radio receives the tone that someone is at the Callbox and answers, “Hello, how can I help you?” The delivery driver says, “hello, this is Joe with UPS. I have a delivery for you.” The employee can respond, “Hi Joe, I’ll buzz you in.” The employee can then push the programmed function key on their portable sending the “code” to the Callbox triggering the relay which opens the contact closure on the maglock and “presto” the door is unlocked and Joe can come in and deliver the package. The employee can return to being productive within seconds instead of walking across the warehouse just to open the door.

The Quick Assist® Wireless Voice Doorbell (RQA-DB)


The Quick Assist® Wireless Voice Doorbell provides a low-cost, fast and efficient 1-way alerting solution that will improve employee productivity. With the Quick Assist Wireless Voice Doorbell, early arriving employees simply push the doorbell button to send a customized voice message alerting in-store employees over their two-way radios that they need entry. The Quick Assist Wireless Voice Doorbell is compatible with your existing store 2-way radios and talks directly to radio-equipped personnel. After the doorbell is wired to the transmitter unit, it does not require any additional wireless infrastructure for operation. It is the ideal solution for any business wanting to maximize employee productivity. *The DB requires at least 1 companion 2-way radio, i.e. a portable radio, (not included) to complete a system.

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Doorcom Wireless Intercom (RDC)


The DoorCom® 2-way wireless intercom helps maintain security protocols while increasing worker efficiency. DoorCom long-range wireless technology provides a means for visitors or employees to communicate from the outside of a locked door to radio-equipped* staff inside the facility. Workers can stay focused and productive until they receive the call with a unique call-tone. Deliveries and pick-ups are handled more quickly, saving time. *The DoorCom tpyically requires at least 1 other companion 2-way radio, i.e. a portable radio, (not included) to complete a system.

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Callbox – Q series and XT series (RQX)

Put 2-way wireless communication right where you need it! Both of the offerings deploy easily - no wires, no trenching, no construction required.

Position the compact and durable Q Series 2-way radio callbox virtually anywhere to maximize manpower efficiency, improve safety and service response times.

The XT Series heavy-duty callbox will allow you to maximize manpower efficiency, improve safety, security and service response times.

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