Ritron Repair Services

Repair Services

A limited quantity of replacement parts for Ritron radios are available here.
Download a PDF copy of the detailed Flat Rate Repair program and costs here.
Please use the address listed below for service and repairs :

Ritron, Inc.
ATTN: Repair Dept.
505 W. Carmel Drive
Carmel, IN 46032

Our goal at Ritron is to provide our customers with the best service and repair program at the lowest possible price. Therefore, we have initiated a "Flat Rate Repair Program" for common Ritron radios returned to the factory for service and repair. This program is designed to minimize factory turn-around time and repair charges. This directly benefits Ritron customers by limiting equipment downtime and decreasing your overall cost of owning Ritron radio products. Benefits of the Ritron Flat Rate Repair Program:

Radio Repair and Testing
All radios received for service and repair undergo complete diagnostic testing to ensure factory specifications. The experienced service technicians at Ritron utilize the latest electronic equipment to perform repairs and testing.

Technology Updates
All radios received for service and repair are programmed with software updates and the latest product improvements, as needed, to maximize radio performance and operation.

New Repair Parts
Whenever a Ritron radio received for service and repair is diagnosed as having a defective or marginal board level component(s), the replacement part is a new component, not used or refurbished so your Ritron radio operates like new.

Case Cleaning and Re-labeling
All radios received for service and repair are cleaned externally before being returned, including new labels whenever necessary.

Extensive Quality Control Procedures
All repaired Ritron radio products are subject to the same stringent Quality Control procedures just like the new radio products coming off the manufacturing line. Every repaired radio must meet extensive factory QC specifications without compromise before it is returned to you.

90-day Limited Repair Warranty
When your Ritron radio(s) leaves our factory and repair facility in Indiana, you have the security in knowing that the service and repair is covered by a 90-day limited repair warranty.

Made...and repaired in the USA
Along with the confidence you can have with Ritron radio products, you can be assured of receiving the highest level of post-sale customer service.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Carmel, Indiana contains all manufacturing and repair materials, engineering staff, service technicians, and other related resources to the manufacturing and servicing of your radio(s). You can count on Ritron to provide fast turn-around for all your wireless radio communications needs.

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