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Our goal is to provide customers with the best repair service at the lowest cost. Therefore, we have instituted a Flat Rate Repair Program for the most common Ritron models that are currently in service. In a few situations, certain radio models are only repaired on a time and materials basis. Those exceptions are identified below. This program minimizes factory turnaround time and repair charges. This directly benefits Ritron customers by limiting downtime and decreasing long-term cost of ownership.

Benefits of the Ritron Repair Process

Radio Repair and Testing

We test and troubleshoot all incoming radios. If defective, we attempt to repair the unit to like-new operating condition. Utilizing state of the art equipment, our factory-trained technicians perform all repairs and tests. We repair our products in the same facility where they were built.

Technology Updates

When your radio is repaired, we add important model improvements and updates, when available. Technology updates ensure you that your radio has all the latest features and improvements for maximum radio operating life and performance.

New Repair Parts

When we diagnose a Ritron radio as having defective or marginal board-level component(s), we do not replace these components with used or refurbished part(s), we use only new replacement part(s). However, the board assembly may be refurbished by Ritron. In the event the required components are no longer available, we will contact you to discuss available options.

Extensive Quality Control Procedure

All repaired Ritron products are subject to Quality Control testing after the repair to ensure that the unit operates as expected. In most cases, this process is exactly the same that is applied to brand new units.

Three-month Limited Repair Warranty

When your Ritron product leaves our Indiana factory, you can feel secure in knowing the repair itself is under warranty for three months.

Made . . . and Repaired in the USA

Rest assured that the same confidence you have in our American-made Ritron products extends to our customer support and repair systems.

Our centrally located factory and repair center in Carmel, Indiana houses both manufacturing and repair facilities as well as engineering, testing, and all the other resources required to produce and maintain your Ritron radio. This expert resource, supported by in-house parts and materials, provides fast turnaround for our customers.

Request an RMA by calling 800-872-1872 or simply send radios along with an explanation of the problem to the following address:

Ritron, Inc.
c/o Repair Department
505 West Carmel Dr.
Carmel, IN 46032

Ph: 317-846-1201 Fax: 317-846-4978
Email: tech_support@ritron.com Web: www.ritron.com


Flat Rate Repair

See the Flat Rate Repair Fees table below for the list of products that may be repaired at a flat rate. Products returned must be repairable. Ritron reserves the right to refuse to repair returned product for any reason.

What is Covered at Flat Rate

  1. Repair/Replacement at our discretion of printed circuit board, components, parts, and sub-assemblies.
  2. At our discretion we may replace external labeling and/or clean the housing. We may also opt to replace the housing to ensure the integrity of the electronics inside.
  3. Return freight via UPS Ground Package delivery within contiguous United States. Other options are available for a fee.

What Is Not Covered

Flat Rate repairs DO NOT cover expedited, rural/residential shipping, or shipments made outside the continental US, nor do they cover any accessories, including but not limited to holsters, belt clips, antennas, chargers, microphones, speaker microphones, headsets, earphones. All batteries will deteriorate over time with normal use. Therefore, batteries are not covered as part of the Flat Rate repair option. In some product lines, batteries are offered at a discounted price if purchased in conjunction with a repair. See below.

Other Ritron Products Not Listed in the Flat Rate Table

Repeaters, RCCR, and Telemetry systems - including RTU and telephone interconnects, or other interface boards are not part of the Flat Rate repair program. They may be repaired and tested at the rate of $80 per hour (1-hour minimum), plus parts, shipping and handling if applicable. Contact your account manager for warranty and repair information.

Non-Repairable Units

Conditions that may cause us to deem a unit non-repairable usually include, but are not limited to excessive corrosion, water intrusion, incorrect power supply installation, and serious physical damage.

Expedite Options

Our goal for completing repairs and testing is within 2 weeks of receipt. For an additional fee, we will attempt to ship a repair within 2 business days of receipt. The expedite fees shown here are in addition to the normal repair charge, handling fee, and ship method requested. $40 each: Portable, Mobile, DTX, or DR Module; $80 each: All other products.

Estimates, Evaluations, and Repairs

When requesting an RMA or sending an item in for a repair or estimate, YOU MUST PROVIDE: a description of the problem, model number, serial number, a telephone number, email address, and a contact name for the approval of charges or application questions. Shipping and handling fees are added to the customer invoice if applicable. Missing information may delay the repair of your order.

Flat Rate Item Evaluation Fee

Units deemed non-repairable or if an estimate is declined, the customer will incur a $25 fee plus shipping and handling charges. The $25 charge will be waived in the event the customer purchases a replacement product.

Frequency change only

$10 first channel, $10 to clone each additional radio, $25 minimum charge per order, plus shipping and handling.

Time & Materials

The estimating process for those repairs which are not covered by our Flat Rate program is quite detailed. Therefore, there is a minimum 1-hour labor charge of $80.00 plus shipping and handling if applicable, for all refused estimates and/or non-repairable units. Time and materials items include, but are not limited to repeaters, telemetry systems, RTU, telephone interconnects, interface boards and RCCR products.


All repairs, plus shipping and handling fees if applicable, are to be pre-paid before return shipment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, certified check or money order.

Flat Rate Repair Fees

(includes return UPS Ground shipping within contiguous United States)

Product Family Flat Rate Repair Fee per Unit
Ritron Base Station (JBS, PBS) $125
Ritron GateGuard Systems $135
Ritron Callbox (RQX-, RQX-XT, Non-GateGuard) $125
Ritron DoorCom (R-146/7, R-446/7 RDC) $125
Ritron Loudmouth (LM, LPA, RIB) $125
Ritron PT/SLX/JV/JU/NT Series $125
Ritron PT/SLX/JV/JU/NT Series with discounted replacement battery $170
Ritron JMX Series $125
Ritron JMX Series with discounted replacement battery $157
Ritron Quick Assist/Talk (RQA, RQT) $125
Telemetry (DTX, DTXM) Tier 1: 1 - 4 yrs. old $125
Telemetry (DTX, DTXM) Tier 2: 5 yrs. & older $175

NOTE: Rechargeable batteries which are over two years old are past their normal service life and likely do not provide full power for the transceiver. Therefore, they are replaced and billed separately to ensure product performance.

Prices, specifications and terms are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for buying American-made Ritron products.

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