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Club Manager Covers More Ground with Wireless Notification
Country Club
The Scenario:

Peter, the club manager at a prestigious and historic country club located in Michigan, recently had a fire scare in one of the remote and private cabins on the vast and wooded grounds. Even though it turned out to be just a small fire in a trash bin, the incident reminded him that he had intended to research and upgrade to a more modern and automatic fire notification system. The current notification system was historic as well, a basic on-premise manual fire alarm system that depended on a worker or guest to pull the alarm in case a fire was noticed. The single horn speaker could only notify those within earshot. The range was limited, and even though the staff at the guard house could hear the siren, they had no indication which cabin was in danger. Peter needed to provide a safe environment for his guests and protect the historic cabins from being damaged by fire with a comprehensive smoke and fire notification system. Since trenching and running wire throughout the expansive grounds would carry a huge price tag, Peter was hesitant to even consider the project. Peter needed some help, so he called Jeff Paull, Wireless Technology & Security Systems Manager at Range Telecommunications in Marquette, Michigan who had helped him with other communications projects at the club.

The Solution:

Since there were long distances to cover, and laying down and burying wiring would have been prohibitively expensive, a wireless solution was ideal. Jeff recommended a radio transmitter be wired into the system, one that could monitor a contact closure from the new alarm control panel to be installed in each cabin. When the control panel is tripped by the smoke and fire detectors, the radio transmitter monitoring that closure is activated and sends both a recorded voice alert, “Fire alarm triggered in Cabin 34!” and DTMF tones used for additional signalling over the existing radio network. While just a part of a comprehensive smoke and fire detecting system covering multiple cabins and other buildings across a large area, the critical notification component is handled by the versatile QuickTalk™ transmitter from Ritron. This sensor monitoring, voice alerting transmitter has the ability to monitor up to 4 separate inputs, and is wired directly to a control panel in each cabin and building. Customized pre-recorded voice alerts are stored within the transmitter, ready to be sent over the existing radio network which is monitored 24/7 at the guard house up to 5 miles away. A repeater is also used to extend the range of the transmitted signal.

The Results: 

Every remote cabin across the grounds of the country club is now part of this detection and notification system. Radio-equipped personnel are trained to monitor and respond to the voice alerts transmitted from the QuickTalk. And Peter, the club manager, stated, “While this was a complex project, the wireless component ended up being the perfect solution with its long-range capacity and affordability over trenching and hard wiring, which allowed me to stay within budget.” Peter now rests assured that the guests enjoying the historic cabins and buildings are better protected with a modern, reliable notification system.

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