Communication for Self-Storage Facilities

Communication for Self-Storage Facilities

Improving Communications at a Self-Storage Facility. Fixed Location, Long-Range Wireless Intercom

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The Problem:

Self-storage facilities are typically manned by only one manager. In addition to staffing the office and greeting customers, they are frequently required to perform additional duties on the property. For security purposes, this requires locking the office. However, when they are out of the office, they cannot greet a customer - this hurts business. Also, larger, usually multi-story facilities are notorious for poor to nonexistent mobile phone coverage. So, calling the manager via a cell phone number often results in a voicemail. This leaves the manager both out of the office, and at times, unable to make or even receive a cell phone call. This is also bad for employee safety and new business.

The Solution:

The addition of a Ritron “fixed” location 2-way radio callbox and a Ritron portable 2-way radio will solve the problem.

The radio callbox is designed to industrial grade standards, it is weatherproof, and uses the same robust radio technology as other business band 2-way radio equipment. This technology delivers excellent penetration and range even around steel, concrete, and metal structures. A VHF MURS model provides a business only license-free option. The callbox is typically mounted outside, near the lobby or office in an area accessible to the customer, even when the office or lobby area is locked. The callbox can be powered by alkaline batteries for a simple, wire-free install (an optional external 12V to 110-220VAC power supply allows an Always-On intercom solution). The facility manager is then equipped with a Ritron portable 2-way radio. This allows instant 2-way communication with the customer at the callbox. We recommend signage be placed next to the callbox to inform the customer on how to use the callbox when the office is locked. With a simple push of a button, the customer is instantly placed in communication via radio with the on-site manager.


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