DTX+ 60 Series Analog Telemetry Transceivers

Analog Telemetry Transceivers
DTX+ 60 Series

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The DTX+ Series is ideal for any system design where high performance RF specifications, fast TX/RX attack times, and compact size are a requirement. High specifications permit integration into systems demanding the utmost performance in congested frequency environments. 

This compact design makes the DTX+ Series perfect as a retrofit to legacy RNet and JSLM installations. Direct modulation with low distortion and low group delay result in a low bit-error-rate (BER) for enhanced system integrity and reliability. The Swift Lock synthesizer-loading algorithm reduces unit turn-on-time to less than 10ms for high-speed data throughput rates, and Controlled Envelope keying reduces adjacent channel “keyclicks”, resulting in spectrum-friendly operation. 

Capable of 6.25kHz and 12.5 kHz channel spacing operation, the DTX+ Series can be installed in systems where refarming compliant narrow band frequencies have been assigned. For high performance, reliable and cost-effective wireless data solutions you can trust Ritron. 

Designed and Made In The USA

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