NXDN™ Digital 2-Way Radio Callbox Leverages Use Of Wireless Technology

NXDN™ Digital 2-Way Radio Callbox Leverages Use Of Wireless Technology

February 22, 2018

Carmel, Indiana. Ritron, Inc., has announced it is shipping the, purpose-built, NXDN Digital XD Series, 2-way radio callbox. The fixed location callbox is compatible with other conventional UHF NXDN digital or analog portable and mobile 2-way radios. The callbox is capable of NXDN digital @ VNB 6.25KHz or NB 12.5KHz conventional mode or analog @ NB 12.5KHz. The Ritron NXDN callbox allows users to further leverage the use of wireless technology to conveniently locate “fixed” radio communication “right where they need it” – eliminates dead spots and expands the coverage footprint area. Eliminates costly trenching and construction associated with hard-wired solutions. The callbox includes a built-in antenna and gasket-sealed, weather-proof enclosure. Operates stand-alone on 3 D-cell batteries or with an external 12VDC-110/220 AC adapter for “always-on” applications. Standard features include: Low battery alert, AC power fail, external sensor inputs and recordable voice messages for increased system usefulness. A built-in relay permits the convenience of remote access-control applications i.e. gates, doors using a NXDN digital portable or mobile radio. The built-in relay is also be used to activate an emergency strobe light mounted close to the callbox. Available in Hi-Viz Green or Black enclosure. 

Designed and Made In The USA.

About Ritron Inc. - Founded in 1977, Ritron, Inc., is a U.S. company specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial grade wireless technology. The company offers telemetry and voice communication products for commercial, industrial, military, OEM and integrator markets. For more information call 800-872-1872 or visit our web site at www.ritron.com.

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