Operating the LoudMouth® Wireless PA System

Easy To Operate: The LoudMouth® Wireless PA System

Easy To Operate: The Ritron LoudMouth® Wireless PA System

We designed the LoudMouth to not only be easy to operate, but also to include additional features to meet your needs. Once the LoudMouth Wireless PA System (receiver unit and horn speaker) is installed, operating the unit requires no contact whatsoever. Delivering voice messages to the LoudMouth receiver, and then through the loudspeaker, is accomplished via your portable, base station, or even mobile 2-way radios.

Basic, Easy Operation

Factory defaults include a 50% volume setting with a pre-announce tone to alert you a loudspeaker message is imminent. The receiver is programmed to a dedicated frequency to match those of your two-way radio. To make an announcement over the loudspeaker:

Limited Access Operation via DTMF and Selcall Paging

If you would like to limit access to the LoudMouth to only those radios that are programmed to send a DTMF or Selcall code, both the radio and the LoudMouth receiver need to be programmed accordingly - see the user manual for complete instructions.

2-Tone Paging

You may have a radio capable of sending a 2-Tone Paging code. The LoudMouth receiver may be programmed to accept these codes as a way to limit access to the unit. Once the correct 2-Tone Paging code is sent, access to the loudspeaker is granted. After a period of 10 seconds of inactivity, the unit is reset.

Record and Play

Up to 20 seconds of record time is available to first record, then play the incoming message through the loudspeaker. This is an excellent feature to use when your two-way radios are in the same area as the speaker to prevent feedback.

Operating with a Switch Input

Added flexibility! The LoudMouth can play a pre-recorded message (up to 6 seconds long) any time a change in a switch input is detected. This could be:

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LoudMouth® Information and Specifications:

Did You Know?
All Ritron products are field programmable. Find user manuals with complete instructions here, and for PC programmable products, find software information here.

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