Purpose-Built Radio Offers "On-Demand" Re-Broadcast Feature

Ritron, Inc., Carmel, Indiana – announced 2Q availability of the TeleSwitchHP transceiver. The TeleSwitchHP is a versatile, purpose-built radio designed for use in the railroad industry. It can be used as the radio transceiver in a wayside defect detection announcement system along with the added feature in the radio which allows the locomotive engineer to initiate “on-demand” the re-broadcast of a recent defect detector announcement message.

The TeleSwitchHP (High-Power) is a 30W (adj. down to 5W), PC programmable transceiver with the added functionality of two built-in DTMF decoder-controlled 1A drycontact relays. Each relay can be independently controlled by a unique DTMF command consisting of up to 12 characters. Based on the specific transmitted DTMF command, each relay can be programmed for the following mode of operation: closed, open, or a momentary closure. The “Acknowledgment Tone” feature is an audible tone transmitted by the radio whenever a command is correctly decoded. The dual-color (red/green) LED indicator will light to indicate that the unit is transmitting or receiving.

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