Retail Store Manager: A Typical Day


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The Scenario: 

There is no normal day for a retail store manager. Among the myriad other duties to handle during a typical day, you are charged with ensuring customers are provided an enjoyable in-store experience and faced with the realities of preventing loss (shrinkage). Pressure is added when same-store sales goals must be met and customer satisfaction scores must be improved.

“All in a day’s work,” according to Melissa, store manager at the high-performing large retailer we spoke with.

That is, until Melissa was transferred to an underperforming store and expected to lead a turnaround. “It was a mess, and I needed help. I was short-staffed, and my higher value merchandise kept showing up on the shrink report,” Melissa stated. Due to cost cutting, as well as using staff across various areas of the store, a problem that Melissa and other retailers are experiencing is that interested customers are having fewer face-to-face interactions with store staff.

It's proven, according to a Chain Store Age study:

Melissa had a high level of enthusiasm to return to her high-performing standards, and to stop the agony of being at the bottom of her region’s sales and loss prevention charts. That’s when she decided to reach out to her trusted Ritron reseller for a consultation. Melissa had worked with this reseller at her prior store, and understood their expertise in the retail environment.

The Solution: 

The reseller listened to Melissa’s concerns, and explained that placing wireless customer assistance call boxes would allow interested shoppers to contact a nearby sales associate via their two-way radio. The customer would receive assistance quickly, with a simple press of a button.

In addition, she explained that high-value merchandise could be placed in locked display cases with the quick assist callbox nearby. Shoppers use the callbox to receive assistance, and then are directed to a nearby cash register to complete the purchase. Melissa was convinced this was a viable and valuable solution, given that she could retain the investment in the existing two-way radio network, address the product loss issue, as well as increase levels of customer service and satisfaction.

The Results:

Sales are now trending higher, and Melissa has transformed not only her own confidence as a store manager, but also the store itself. Employees understand how the call for assistance callboxes result in highly satisfied customers, and that face-to-face interactions can lead to an increase in add on sales opportunities.


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