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JBs Base station desktop intercom radio "Z" Button

The Mighty "Z" Button - Programmable key

JBS Base Station Radio Z Button

Did you know the JBS Base Station Intercom Radio from Ritron includes a mighty powerful programmable “Z” button? Think of this single button as a way to call upon the superpowers held within this radio. The button can be field or pc programmed on a per channel basis to access a variety of functions. The functions available include Channel Scan, Weather Channel, Monitor, Send 2-Tone Code, Send Call Tone, and Send DTMF or Selcall ANI. Let’s review each of these:

  • Channel Scan: When the “Z” button is programmed to Channel Scan, all channels programmed into the radio are scanned except the NOAA Weather Channel. This enables you to listen to traffic across all channels. When receiving a call on a channel being scanned, the radio will stop scanning to let you hear communications on that channel. After the transmission has ended, the radio will pause before it resumes scanning to allow you time to respond.
  • Weather Channel: VHF models are programmed for “Z” button NOAA Weather operation from the factory. NOAA is a nationwide network of radio stations broadcasting continuous weather information direct from a nearby National Weather Service office. 
  • Monitor Mode: When the “Z” button is programmed to Monitor Mode, pressing “Z” will temporarily play all signals on a given channel. This feature is useful when communicating with other parties at extreme range. The Monitor mode is primarily used to check what other traffic may be present on your frequency. 
  • Send 2-Tone Code: Pressing the “Z” button causes the base radio to transmit a unique 2-Tone Code that can be programmed separately for each channel (to open a gate, for example - very useful in many access control scenarios). 
  • Send Call Tone: With a press of the “Z” button, the radio transmits a Call Tone on the channel currently selected. This feature is helpful when the receiving radio is in a high noise environment where recipients of the message may not hear the transmission. The call tone is transmitted prior to the voice message.
  • Send DTMF or Selcall ANI: Pressing the “Z” button causes the radio to transmit a unique DTMF or Selcall ANI string that can be programmed separately for each channel. This is used to identify the broadcasting radio or to send a signal to a switch, for example. 

Program the “Z” button and enjoy easy access to your choice of special functions available within the JBS Base Station Intercom Radio.


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