When Should You Consider A Wireless Intercom or Wireless PA System?

We’ve all gone wireless with our phones—but have you thought about going wireless with your public access and mass notification communication needs?

Many customers need to communicate long distances, in places like large warehouses, multistory construction projects, or large outdoor campuses. They—like you— may be considering traditional wired speakers, but are stumped due to:

If this sounds like you, a wireless intercom or PA system might be the solution to the problem you didn’t know you had! Answer these questions to figure out if wireless is the right route for your project:

  1. Is your campus spread out with many buildings?
  2. Are there areas, either inside or outside, currently not covered? Broken or intermittent wired systems?
  3. Is it too difficult or too far to run wires where you need to install speakers? 
  4. Will you need to make announcements on the fly, communicating straight from a portable radio to a PA system? 
  5. Historic building, or one that’s just plain old? That’s great—but is it affordable or easy to rewire?
  6. Does it just seem too complicated to hard-wire a facility like a large warehouse that you haven’t equipped?
  7. Do you need to re-position speakers or re-purpose a building that simply does not have a PA system?

If any of these sound like you, check out our line of wireless intercom or PA products. Not sure where to begin? Contact our sales department via this link or call us at 1-800-872-1872.

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