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The Scenario:

Russell, the owner of a crane, hoist, and equipment leasing company serving the construction industry in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul area, has been leasing hard wired intercom systems to construction companies for years. These wired communications systems enable effective use of the on-site hoist operation - moving workers and materials between floors in a high-rise project. “Down on 5!”

Russell considered the maintenance required on the wired systems as an annoyance, until he was informed his repairs to the frayed cabling were simply not lasting the duration of a typical construction project. He had been receiving more and more complaints from the job foreman that voice communication was intermittent, causing delays when the hoist or elevator was needed to move workers and materials. The fact was, Russell’s wired systems were sustaining damage to the cabling, getting caught up, pinched, and twisted with the regular up and down action of the hoist system transporting materials to the landing floor.

Just as important was the realization that these hoist intercom systems, if they failed, could cause delays in the construction project, subjecting the construction company to fines and putting the reputation of Russell’s business at risk.

These intercoms have a critical secondary function - emergency communication. Every worker is trained to use the hoist intercom in an emergency to immediately inform the cab operator of the situation. Without reliable communication, this dangerous situation can put lives at risk.

Russell had a choice to make and had to overcome this problem. The investment in new wired systems could take years to recoup, and ultimately need ongoing maintenance and repair. With construction booming in the area, opportunities for Russell to dominate this market were on the rise. Russell needed to solve this problem - now!

The Solution:

Russell called on a known local communications expert, Dick Forliti at Roseville Radio. Dick informed Russell of a tried and true solution he has been recommending. “As a matter of fact, I have been placing wireless systems with great success,” he informed Russell.

“I have a solution for you that eliminates cabling, external antennas, and stands up to extreme conditions on the construction site. It also provides excellent long-range communication, and can be moved over to your elevator shaft once your operation moves to the interior of the building.”

“And best of all - no wires to tangle, fray, or the maintenance and repair nightmares you are currently suffering from. Have you ever seen these green wireless callboxes?”

The Results:

Russell received a full demonstration and was quickly convinced. He replaced his wired systems with the radio callboxes recommended by Dick, and has been leasing them to construction companies. Feedback from the field has been positive - in fact, setup is so easy that Russell does not need to visit the job site. The wireless callboxes are simply mounted securely at each landing as each floor is built, and moved as the building project progresses. FCC Itinerant frequencies are used, enabling the radio callboxes to be put into service at various locations.

Feedback has been positive, and Russell has construction managers recommending his leasing company to other projects. His business is booming right along with the construction activity. Wireless callboxes from Ritron are now the only hoist communication system Russell offers. Eliminating the possibility of frayed and damaged wires has greatly reduced Russell’s maintenance costs and his worry of breakdowns on the job site.

Emergency Communication: 

Regarding emergency communication, Dick noted, “In an emergency situation, any communication helps. Therefore, the reliability of the callboxes used on the jobsite is invaluable.” Dick was referring to the Ritron Q-Series Callbox, model RQX-411 in high-viz green. Dick has sold hundreds of these simple to set up radio callboxes to the construction industry in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul area.


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