LoudMouth® Wireless PA Offers Added Flexibility

LoudMouth® Wireless PA Offers Added Flexibility

LoudMouth Wireless PA Offers Added Flexibility

The LoudMouth® Wireless PA System was designed with flexible options to meet the needs of your particular installation. Learn more about increasing coverage area, visual alerting, outdoor installation, and increasing radio range below.

Installing two PA speakers with a single LoudMouth receiver

Does your application require covering a large area? With the use of a Y adapter, a single LoudMouth receiver can be used to drive two speakers. Here are some reasons to use a dual-speaker setup:

In some cases, the use of 2 speakers (installed back-to-back) powered by a single LoudMouth receiver can allow you to reduce the volume level in a quiet environment:

Using Multiple Receivers and Speakers

Note: The speaker must be located at least 10 feet above head level. Why? Because the LoudMouth speaker is capable of sound levels that can cause permanent hearing loss. You should never install it in a location where a person could be directly in front of the speaker.

Outdoor Installation

Use a Strobe Light for Visual Alerts

Do you see yourself benefitting from one or more of the features above? Let us know!

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LoudMouth® Information and Specifications:

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