TeleSwitch Radio Controlled Remote Switch

Teleswitch wireless switch control


When hard wiring is impractical or impossible, the Ritron TeleSwitch is ideal for any application where a contact closure is needed to remotely control a light, turn a pump on/off, activate a siren, etc.

The TeleSwitch has two independently controlled relays, each providing a contact closure output upon receiving a uniquely defined DTMF (touch tone) code. This innovative two-way radio product consists of a RF transceiver and programmable DTMF decoder housed in a durable, weather-tight enclosure. The newly designed TeleSwitch combines rock-solid engineering with advanced solid state technology for reliability and ease-of-use. 

Applications for the economically priced TeleSwitch are endless. Use for Electric/Gas Utilities, Petroleum, Chemical, Water/Waste Treatment Plants, Environmental Monitoring, Food/Agriculture Operations, as well as general manufacturing and industrial processes.

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Note: The TeleSwitch Transceiver requires the Ritron PC programming kit model DTXL-PCPK-2.0

Includes: TeleSwitch radio transceiver, with (2) DTMF controlled 10 Amp relays, (1) BNC dual band flexible antenna, (2) Flush Mount Brackets, (1) 110VAC to 12VDC @ 1.25 amps cube power supply.

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by installing a radio call box system for authorized access to campus facilities

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