RQA Solves Retail Problem

Wireless Shopper Callbox Solves Problem For Retailers

Ritron Wireless Shopper Call ButtonWhat was the original reason Ritron designed a shopper call button for retailers? As I learned more about the Ritron Wireless Shopper Call Button, I found that loss prevention was simply a beneficial and positive side effect for retailers. Installing a callbox on or near locked cases containing high-value merchandise dramatically decreases shrinkage, as discussed in this post.

So, what original problem were retailers encountering that Ritron was attempting to solve?

Shoppers were leaving the store without making a purchase.

In fact, research conducted in 2014 showed that of those who need help making up their mind, 93% can’t find the right person to help them, and 90% will leave the store empty-handed. Face-to-face interaction was critical to the decision to make a purchase. 

Enter the Quick Assist Shopper Call Button. Retailers placed call buttons in the store to allow the customer with questions the convenience to call for help when needed. According to Chain Store Age

When consumers do find the help they need from in-store associates, 93% are likely to complete their purchase. Not only that, 85% are likely to purchase more than they had intended when they get the answers and guidance they walked into the store seeking.

By placing the callbox in strategic locations, retailers realize a low-cost, fast and efficient way to maximize customer satisfaction. Through a simple press of the button, hand-held radio equipped store staff are notified instantly that a customer is requesting assistance. Responding to customer requests for face-to-face interaction is a proven way to enable customers to make a positive buying decision. Problem solved!

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