Access Your PA System from Your Portable Radio with the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™

Access Your PA System from Your Portable Radio with the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™

Access Your PA System from Your Portable Radio with the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™

Over the past several months, we have honed our communication regarding the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge radio receiver. When speaking in-person, we have found that “ah-ha” moment when we say, “It allows you to access your PA system from your portable radio.” Then we hear, “Yep, I get it! Tell me more!” So we continue . . . and here’s what you should know:

Evolution of Mass Communication in Schools and Other Institutions

Public Address / Intercom Systems

Think of a traditional school setting, where the public address system is often accessed from a single location - the front office. A tabletop microphone is keyed, and morning announcements are made and heard inside and outside the building through the ceiling or wall-mounted speakers.

Phone Systems

As phone systems in schools and other large institutions have been upgraded, we have found a paging system may be included, either taking advantage of the phone’s speakerphone, or the ability to mass communicate might be tied into the existing public address system in the facility.

Two-Way Radios

As school administrators and facility managers have spent less time at their desks, portable radios have enabled them to stay in touch with their staff. Now predominant, portable two-way radios are the preferred way for administrators to communicate on school campuses, warehouse facilities, and hospitals.

Building a Bridge Between Two-Way Radios and the Intercom System

As a way to leverage the investment in both the two-way radio network and the public address / intercom system, Ritron designed and manufactures a radio receiver that connects directly to the intercom system. We call this product the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge because is does just that - connects two-way radios to the intercom. Now, the ability to mass communicate is no longer tied to a single location (the front office) to make announcements over the PA. Nor does one have to be near a telephone to make a paging announcement. The radio channel is simply turned to the dedicated channel that is programmed to the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge receiver, and the voice signal is transmitted to the receiver where it is then heard over the public address system.

Multiple Benefits

Now that the radio system is tied to the intercom, the benefits are numerous and immediately evident.

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Ritron Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™ Information and Specifications:

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