Base Station Desktop Intercom Radio Applications

What Is This Base Station Radio Capable Of?

JBS Base Station Radio

Base Station Radio Defined: A fixed location radio compatible with other business-band radios. AC powered, always on, no worries to keep batteries charged or to keep fresh batteries installed. Whip antenna included, or use optional external antenna for additional range.

Applications - Where To Use The JBS Base Station Desktop Radio

Forklifts on a Loading Dock
Forklifts Use JBS Base Station RadiosPermanently installed to the forklift, and hard wired to the 12 volt power supply, forklift drivers no longer have to keep track of a portable radio. And, the dock manager has a safe and reliable way to communicate with his staff. Read the Customer Impact Story focusing on this effective use of the JBS Base Station radio here.
At a Guard House to Open a Gate
Guard Houses Use JBS Base Station RadiosThe versatility of the base station radio extends beyond communicating with your existing radio network. The radio has an on-board “Z” key that can programmed to open a gate when installed as part of our access control system we call GateGuard®. With range measured in miles, not feet, the JBS Base Station radio is as versatile as it is effective.
Construction Sites
Construction Sites Use JBS Base Station RadiosA base station radio in the superintent’s trailer helps keep track of on-site crews as well as incoming deliveries. With up to 10 channel capacity, the base station/intercom radio will operate with any other brand of business band radio (portable, callbox, wireless PA system, mobile radio or radio repeater).
Reception Areas
Hotel Lobby Use JBS Base Station RadiosWhether a hotel lobby or school administrative office, a reception area makes for a perfect place for a fixed-location base station radio. Enable the NOAA Weather Scan feature and be the first to know when weather events are imminent.
Warehouses Use JBS Base Station RadiosThe management office and logistics personnel need to be in touch with the floor staff. Installing a base station radio in these office locations ensures critical communication from and to the always on base station radio is heard. The base station is compatible with a repeater to extend range to all corners of your operation.

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Check out this quick 3-minute video to learn what a base station is and what it does:

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