RBS Series, DMR Digital / Analog Desk-Top Base Station Radio


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The RBS Series Tier-2 DMR Wireless Intercom/Base Station is a cost-effective, AC-powered, fixed location 2-way radio or wireless intercom. Ideal for use with the PR-series DMR portable radios, the Ritron wireless PA system, radio callboxes, and in systems using portable 2-way DMR radios, it can even be programmed to work through radio repeaters. The desk-top base station works with and is fully compatible with most business band radios operating in the UHF DMR frequency band. 

Because the radio operates on AC power, there are never any batteries to keep charged or replace. This radio has been specifically designed for commercial and industrial-grade business applications. The all-metal enclosure provides a small, rugged, self-contained, fixed or location radio. The radio can also be operated on 12VDC if needed. 

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