Bridging to Efficiency with the Radio-to-Intercom Bridge

What if you and a team of people were in charge of a school, a hospital, a warehouse or other campus? What if you and your staff while walking the halls of that school, hospital or business, could right-on-the-spot make LIVE PA announcements, right from their portable two-way radio from anywhere in the facility? 

The radio-to-intercom bridge ties together two common types of systems— a wired PA intercom system and two-way radios— most schools, hospitals, and large industrial campuses already own both of these systems. With the radio-to-intercom bridge, you can now make PA announcements over your wired intercom speaker system, right from your two-way radio, from anywhere within range of the receiver. 

Reasons to consider investing in this system include:

In the case of an emergency, how much faster and accurately could you and your team respond if they had the ability to communicate on-the-spot over the PA, from their two-way radio?

With this capability, how much more efficiently and easily could your team handle even repetitive day-to-day tasks? How much less taxing would it make their day? No more wasting or losing valuable time having to return to the office or find a desk phone to make a PA announcement. 

The end-user benefits from improved security and safety, as well as a faster response time.  

The radio-to-intercom bridge receiver comes in analog or digital models, so it can be used with existing two-way radios. There’s no need to buy new radios or a public address system, which saves you money. 

We wish to thank our many loyal reseller partners and thousands of end customers that continue to purchase and use our innovative wireless products. Because of you, we have been able to provide American jobs for hundreds of creative and dedicated employees over our forty years. 

farmington municipal schools use the radio-to-intercome bridge FOR ENHANCED SAFETY

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