How to Keep Workplaces and Schools Safe!

The country is reopening after over a year of social distancing. Vaccines are now available for adults and older children, stadiums are welcoming back fans, music venues are selling tickets, and—most importantly—schools and workplaces are returning to a new “normal.”  While the risk from the virus is lower, we know that no activity or gathering is truly safe.  There are threats larger than microbes on the global news lately—such as gun violence, stampedes, and political unrest. While we can’t eliminate every risk, in a crisis, efficient communication and emergency notification saves lives. To this end, Ritron manufactures high-quality mass notification public address systems, as well as access solutions such as door buzzer systems, gate control communications, and emergency call boxes. We can help you keep your workplaces and schools safe! 

School Safety Case Study

Keep our kids safe in educational settings

Ritron’s products can be used in all types of workplaces, but we are particularly interested in keeping kids safe at school. A heartbreaking school safety project we worked on in Farmington, New Mexico demonstrated an important use for the Radio-to-Intercom Bridge. Today, this solution adds a layer of security and safety to schools across the country.

Unfortunately, our project in Farmington was born out of tragedy—the December 2017 school shooting in nearby Aztec, New Mexico. After the unthinkable happened, the district and local community took steps to prevent the next tragedy. We worked with a superintendent and local law enforcement to study what had happened. The police communication specialist noted that lives were saved because a staff member saw an intrusion and was able to make an announcement via the school intercom system. If the staff member was unable to access the front office where the microphone for the intercom system was, the shooting would have been even more devastating. To shave valuable seconds off of the emergency response plan, we created the Radio-to-Intercom Bridge. This product leverages technology so that staff can access the intercom system via radio, no matter where they are. 


The Radio-to-Intercom Bridge isn’t the only Ritron solution hard at work keeping students safe. When we work directly with students and staff, we can find long-term safety and security solutions that keep all stakeholders happy. A few years ago, Franklin College built a new parking structure in a remote and dimly lit area of campus. Students requested a direct way to contact campus police. They knew finding their cellphones in their bags, dialing the number for security, and hoping for good network coverage was not efficient. Administrators turned to Ritron to quickly and efficiently install a safety solution without digging up concrete or trenching—a process that would be expensive, labor-intensive, disruptive to classes and, most importantly, slow. Now, if students feel unsafe for whatever reason, they can call for help. This fast communication mitigates potential threats before they become actual threats.

Secure retail items accessibly

No matter the workplace, we have you covered

As we’re all unfortunately familiar with, workplace threats can occur in any industry. Anywhere that staff or members of the public congregate can be targets for violence, and that doesn’t include the threat of property loss. If you want to keep your retail workplace safe from violence and threats, Ritron has several solutions. For in-person retail operations, we offer the Ritron Quick Assist Shopper Call Button. Valuable items can be securely stored in locked cases on the retail floor but still be accessible to potential customers when they summon staff using this solution. 

Though face-to-face interactions were the foundation of the retail industry for decades, the world we live in is changing. Warehouses and third-party logistics (3PL) providers are employing larger percentages of the workforce as people turn to online shopping. Ritron has a variety of solutions to increase warehouse efficiency and tools that make you more efficient in daily tasks and increase safety during an emergency. Several Ritron products ensure safe communications that can keep this growing sector of the labor force safe.

The loading dock can be a point for unauthorized access by dangerous or violent intruders. If you place a callbox at the entry door, drivers can notify on-site personnel on the inside of the warehouse when they are ready to come in. On-site personnel can also communicate with the drivers before they enter the facility, ensuring that the warehouse visitors follow all safety and security protocols.

Threats from outsiders are just one security concern at warehouses. Ritron’s solutions can also keep employees safe if there is an internal threat. Warehouses are large and often maze-like spaces. Without efficient communication, an incident in one section can either go unnoticed or cause chaos and confusion if no one can tell where the threat originates. The Emergency LoudMouth Wireless P.A. System is at the core of Ritron’s mass notification system and can be paired with your existing two-way radios or walkie-talkies. Your portable radios can also be used to communicate over an existing wired PA system through the Radio-to-Intercom Bridge. Callboxes connected to a central security office can also be installed throughout your warehouse so that your employees are only a button away from security. While our workplaces are changing, door buzzers, mass notification, and emergency callboxes keep workers safe in fast-growing industries. 

Improved safety at school

Install door buzzers to control access

Controlling access is an important component of security. Ritron’s callboxes can be used as a “buzzer” solution, facilitating communication and entry at access points. Schools already use Ritron’s callbox as a buzzer solution, such as an after-school program in Canada that installed a callbox to make parent pick-up easier. Now, the program keeps students safe with a 100% locked door policy, but they are still able to be in contact with those who need to access the students. Out of sight doesn’t need to mean out of touch, and Ritron helps keep students secure while remaining in contact with their loved ones. 

Ritron has a signature product for access control, the GateGuard® solution. GateGuard keeps limited access areas secure without compromising your ability to communicate long range. The package includes a callbox, portable radio, and a base station radio. Remote access helps not only secure locations and roads to make sure only authorized individuals enter, it also keeps staff safe as it limits face-to-face contact. The built-in relay feature of the callbox allows authorized employees to open doors, gates, and other access points remotely from their portable radios. Ritron offers callboxes that are designed for indoor use as well as models outfitted with heavy-duty outdoor casing, and GateGuard takes advantage of some of our more durable solutions. 

The world has changed. We help you adapt

When you identify a gap in the security system, you need it fixed yesterday. Any moment waiting to install a new system is an additional moment that lives are on the line. We strongly believe that efficiency is the key to keeping people safe. When you repurpose a system that you own already or choose a solution with a relatively low cost of installation, you get to a safer solution more quickly. 

At Ritron, we understand that there are challenges inherent in wired mass communication and mass notification systems—which is why we build wireless solutions! If facilities are located in older buildings, if you anticipate adding additional buildings, or if you would like to connect our systems to an already-existing system, we have you covered.

We all live with threats from the outside world. We can’t make the world safe, but we can help you prepare to deal with whatever threats come your way. We can work with your individual school, store, or workplace campus to customize solutions. 



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