Data Radios for OEM Applications

Although we are well-known at Ritron for our land mobile radio (LMR) products, we have manufactured data telemetry radios, also known as DTX, for many years. Our engineers have been hard at work this year perfecting our high-performance DTX series, and we’re excited to share more about what makes this product special.

Our Legacy to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Ritron has a long commitment to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). As early as 1983, we were selling VHF & UHF receivers, transmitters and transceivers to OEM customers. We introduced our first DTX Plus Series RF Transceivers radios in 2000. We’ve been releasing new data radio products for new OEM customers ever since.

SCADA Applications

Ritron products can serve SCADA applications. SCADA is a term for “supervisory control and data acquisition”. In layman’s terms, SCADA is a high-level process to monitor inputs in a system from many different data loggers reporting back to central hubs. Our products can be used as the wireless link that connects these systems.

Precision, Dependable

Ritron’s DTX and DTXM radio modules are designed to be precision instruments, dependable for the long run. Our products integrate into systems that require high RF performance and occupy a critical role in a communication system. Click here to review the specifications and capabilities of our data radio products! 

The Ritron Difference

Ritron is known for many things—forty years of industrial-grade wireless design and product innovation, high reliability, low total cost of ownership, and our commitment to serving the needs of the customer. Our DTX data radio products are all designed and manufactured in Carmel, Indiana USA. All after-sale support is also provided from this same location.  

Members of our sales staff and engineering design team are readily accessible and eager to discuss your data radio requirements. 

Even if you don’t see an existing radio solution that meets your needs, we urge you to give us a call to discuss your application. We have a history of success for our customers when it comes to ground-up designs for new products. 

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