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The Scenario:

Carl, regional dispatch manager for a large water bottling facility in Cabazon, California was challenged with keeping truck and vehicle traffic flowing through closed security gates. The current keypad code entry system used to control the gates was due for an upgrade based on a compliance program instituted by The Department of Homeland Security. All incoming trucks arriving for a pickup must now first announce themselves, and then be verified against that day’s approved access list prior to the gate being opened. Reliable communication between the gate and the dispatch office 600 feet away was paramount to operating the business in a safe and compliant manner. Carl was charged with completing this job with little budget, and little time.

Challenges faced by Carl started with the 600 foot distance between the gate and the dispatch office. Trenching and wiring a system to not only communicate with those entering and exiting the facility, but also triggering the gate opener, proved to be cost prohibitive. Even so, the requirements called for dependable, functional two-way communication as well as access control at this 24- hours-per-day facility.

Working in conjunction with Homeland Security, Carl’s safety crew was motivated to provide a secure environment, with the ultimate goal of protecting the bottled water from the risk of deliberate contamination.

Carl had always been well respected for his “get it done” track record and certainly did not want to tarnish his reputation.

The Solution: 

Carl called Keith Johnson from Automated Gate Services in Corona, California. Keith had extensive experience installing solutions within similar applications, and had been referred to Carl as a “problem solver.” Keith presented a solution with a proven track record, noting recent installations at a local airport, and at a nearby school.

Keith explained, “The solution to this problem is the installation of wireless callboxes at the entry and exit gates, with a corresponding desktop base station radio in the dispatch office. Beyond the fact that you’ll be able to reliably communicate back and forth, you’ll also be able to remotely open the gate from the base station or even from a portable radio which has been programmed to activate the switch at the gate.”

The Results: 

Callboxes were mounted at fixed locations both high and low to accommodate passenger cars and trucks arriving at the gate. The callboxes include a built in relay that is hard wired to the gate control, and activated from either the base station or portable radio only when incoming traffic is verified at the dispatch office. An external antenna was mounted to the roof of the building to not only provide coverage for the base stations, but also reliably cover communication with the portables across the facility, indoors or out.

The system is programmed to distinguish between high and low, entry and exit - providing the dispatch office critical information to effectively handle requests from the gate.

Carl is more than pleased with the results. The GateGuard kit has not only met, but also exceeded his requirements. Reliable communication, no trenching or wiring, and remote control of the gates helped Carl overcome and solve his challenges to manage incoming and outgoing traffic while ensuring the continued safety and compliance of the facility.

About GateGuard:

The system installed at the bottled-water facility includes XT Series callboxes with built-in relays, companion portable JMX Series 2-way radios, and a JBS Series desktop base station radio installed at the dispatch office.

The system is available in either the VHF or UHF license-required frequency band or in a licensefree, VHF MURS model. This system is built specifically for commercial and industrial applications like treatment plants, factories, warehousing, schools, and healthcare facilities with thousands currently in service. The system is designed and manufactured in the USA.


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