High Power DTX+ 900MHz Transceiver

Analog Telemtry Transceivers
900MHz Railroad Frequency Radio

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The DTX+HP ATCS 900 MHz Railroad Telemetry Transceiver is designed to drop into existing ATCS wayside radio slots in order to allow continued operation of the system without complete and costly redesign due to an obsolete radio platform.

Direct modulation with low distortion and low group delay result in a low bit-error-rate (BER) for enhanced system integrity and reliability. The Swift Lock℠ synthesizer-loading algorithm reduces unit turn-on-time to less than 10ms for high-speed data throughput rates, and Controlled Envelope℠ keying reduces adjacent channel "keyclicks", resulting in spectrum-friendly operation. In addition, a Receive Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) signal is accessible on the external I/O connector for compatibility with existing systems.

DTX+HP ATCS 900 MHz Brochure

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