DoorCom® Wireless Intercom

2-Way Wireless Intercom – Analog 


The DoorCom® wireless intercom helps maintain security protocols while increasing worker efficiency. DoorCom long-range wireless technology provides a means for visitors or employees to communicate from the outside of a locked door to radio-equipped* staff inside the facility. Workers can stay focused and productive until they receive the call with a unique call-tone. Wasted time is reduced while deliveries and pick-ups are handled more quickly.

The radio transceiver has a range of approximately 350,000 square feet (actual range depends on building structure and topography). DoorCom® is ideal for installation at delivery or receiving doors, employee entrance, lobby area, will-call/pick-up, loading dock, even on the factory floor. 

DoorCom is compatible with virtually any other analog, VHF or UHF business band 2-way radio. Models are available with the VHF MURS License-Free business use only frequencies, the licensed-required VHF, 150-165MHz and UHF, 450-470MHz business frequency bands.
*The DoorCom system consists of 1 radio transceiver and 1 heavy-duty remote speaker/microphone. At least one additional companion 2-way radio (not included) is required to have a basic working system. Ritron offers a variety of compatible portable 2-way radios and desk-top base station radios.

DoorCom® is Designed and Made in the USA

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See How We Helped Improve School Safety

by installing a radio call box system for authorized access to campus facilities

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