Quick Assist® RQA-DB Wireless Voice Doorbell


Increase Employee Productivity

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The Quick Assist® Wireless Voice Doorbell provides a low-cost, fast and efficient way to improve employee productivity. With the Quick Assist Wireless Voice Doorbell, early arriving employees simply push the doorbell button to send a customized voice message alerting in-store employees over their two-way radios that they need entry. The Quick Assist Wireless Voice Doorbell is compatible with your existing store 2-way radios and talks directly to radio-equipped personnel. After the doorbell is wired to the transmitter unit, it does not require any additional wireless infrastructure for operation. It is the ideal solution for any business wanting to maximize employee productivity.

The Quick Assist® Wireless Voice Doorbell provides a means for employees to announce their arrival from the outside of a locked door directly to radio-equipped staff inside the facility. Workers can stay focused and productive until they receive the voice alert notification.

The doorbell kit includes the following:

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by installing a radio call box system for authorized access to campus facilities

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