Create an Additional Layer of Security with the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™


Create an Additional Layer of Security with the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™

The Radio-To-Intercom Bridge is a product that, in its former iteration, was called the LPA (for Loudmouth Public Address). About a year ago, a customer asked us to tweak the product enough that we decided to do some internal brainstorming. The result was a series of meetings where we concluded that the product deserved a new name and a new case to go along with the technical changes that addressed the greater needs of our end users.

Choosing a Descriptive Name

In choosing a new name for the product, we wanted to benefit end customers, our resellers, and our sales team - as well as more clearly position the product in the marketplace. Our goal was to come up with a name that more closely describes what the product does - which leads to easier conversations. While at first blush, “radio to intercom bridge” may not turn the light bulb on, “it’s a radio receiver that connects your two-way radios to your intercom or public address system” certainly does. Oh, I get it!

For end customers working in schools, hospitals, and anyplace that has an existing intercom system, “this device allows you to speak over your public address system from your two-way radio instead of from a fixed location and reach your entire campus” seems to explain what the product does sufficiently.

Physical Connection and Wireless Receiver

The bridge physically connects to an existing intercom system, and is typically installed close by the intercom receiver unit and wired to an AUX input or a balanced mic input. The radio part of the product is a receiver that pulls in authorized transmissions from your two-way radio network. A range test will determine if the included whip antenna, or an externally mounted antenna in the ceiling or on the roof will meet the needs of the customer. Since the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge is compatible with repeaters, range can be extended to meet the desired requirements.

Creating An Additional Layer of Security

Here are just a few ways the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge extends the usefulness of existing assets, namely your public address system and your two way radios. Keep in mind these announcements can originate via your two way radio from anywhere on your campus or facility.

  • Daily announcements
  • Paging
  • Weather drills
  • Weather notification
  • Emergency drills
  • Emergency communication

Ritron Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™ Information and Specifications:

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