Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™ Installation and Site Survey


Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™ Installation and Radio Coverage Site Survey

To gain the most benefit from the Radio-To-Intercom Bridge receiver, Ritron recommends that you do a radio coverage site survey before it’s permanently installed. Remember, proper installation is critical to the performance and the overall satisfaction of the system. After all, with the right planning, this receiver can receive a radio signal from up to a mile away and broadcast it over your wired PA system. That’s right!

Tips on Planning the Installation

Radio Coverage Site Survey

Requirements: Two people and two fully-charged portable radios.

Note: Range can be extended with the use of an external antenna. The Ritron RAM-1545 magnet mount antenna has a 25 foot cable to allow for optimal antennal location.

Conducting the radio coverage site survey

Please see the user manual for complete details, and remember to consult with a qualified radio dealer through Ritron as well as a person with knowledge of your PA system.

Ritron Radio-To-Intercom Bridge™ Information and Specifications:

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