Repeaters Enable Reliable Communications

Ritron Repeaters Enable Reliable Communications

What is a Repeater? How Does it Work?

At its core, a repeater extends the reach between two or more radios. A Ritron repeater is a full-duplex transceiver, meaning the radio transmits and receives simultaneously.

Ritron developed the Liberty repeater models to specifically fill a niche positioned below the expensive and high-powered repeaters that are likely overkill for many simple, but common coverage problems experienced in a typical radio system. For example, at Ritron we designed and manufacturer our own built-in, compact size duplexer for each repeater. Other brands require a separate and typically third party, externally-located duplexer which makes installation cumbersome and increases cost.

How would I know if I need a Repeater?

You might be experiencing signal loss based on distance, terrain, man-made obstructions or any combination thereof. Prior to the Ritron repeater solution, a customer had the choice to either live with the marginal radio coverage of their radio system, or splurge for an expensive overkill repeater solution that was likely more than they needed to solve their radio coverage issues.

How do I implement a Repeater in my radio network?

A repeater is added to your 2-way radio system in a strategic, static location based on the desired coverage you want to reasonably achieve. The coverage area is determined by transmit output power, antenna type, and optimal placement of the antenna. Typically, Ritron repeaters are designed to cover a single campus, a single building, multiple buildings, a warehouse, or a school and the surrounding grounds, for example. A more complex situation may require more than one repeater or a higher gain antenna.

Do I need an antenna with a Repeater?

Yes. Ritron has found that an antenna mounted in the 10-25 foot range (depending on location) to be most effective. This height generally avoids the interference found when mounting in the 30-50 foot range.

What power levels are available in Ritron Repeaters?

We have designed our repeaters to perform in the 2 Watt, 5 Watt, or 2-10 Watt (as measured at the antenna port) adjustable range featuring excellent receiver and transmitter performance for the price. A radio coverage site survey will best determine your requirements.

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Find user manuals with complete instructions here, and for PC programmable products, find software information here.

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