QuickTalk™ Monitors Sensors, Sends Voice Alert

QuickTalk™ Monitors Sensors, Sends Voice Alert

Ritron QuickTalk™ Monitors Sensors, Sends Voice AlertApplications Are Wide Open

"Sensor monitoring, voice alerting transmitter"

The QuickTalk device is easily explained, but hard to imagine the diversity of uses where one could benefit from its sheer flexibility. So let’s bring some awareness to what this device actually does: We describe the device as a “sensor monitoring, voice alerting transmitter.”

The QuickTalk reports a change in the status of a switch - but instead of reporting that change by activating a dummy light (for example), this device wirelessly transmits your custom recorded voice message on a frequency you choose. And not only can it monitor up to four separate conditions, it can transmit customized voice messages on four different frequencies!

Think about that . . . monitored changes in temperature, liquid levels, pressure, voltage, leakage, smoke, malfunction, intrusion, carbon monoxide, and even sound levels (just to name a few) all can be reported to your network of portable or desktop base station radios via the QuickTalk transmitter. The report is as specific as you’d like - with your recorded voice message alerting your radio network of the status change.

A wide array of programmable features (via our downloadable PC program) are available including recording voice messages, setting the transmit frequency, message repeat, and power options. As a Ritron product reseller, learning and understanding the wide variety of applications where the QuickTalk makes sense will enable you to recognize when this product would be the appropriate recommended solution. Listen and ask questions, likely the QuickTalk can be part of the answer!

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