QuickTalk™ with Key Fob Transmitter Extends Usefulness

QuickTalk™ with Key Fob Transmitter Extends Usefulness

QuickTalk™ with Key Fob TransmitterDiscreetly Transmit Voice Alert To Radio-Equipped Personnel

When discussing the multiple applications where the QuickTalk transmitter can be used, please be aware of the key fob accessory that may be added to further enhance the usefulness of this unique product.

In one particular case, airline ticket agents at the Fresno, California airport are equipped with key fob transmitters. If a condition exists where security is needed, the agent simply presses the key fob transmitter and a message is sent alerting security of the location where they are needed.

This is accomplished by equipping the Ritron QuickTalk (RQT) with an optional receiver, enabling the RQT transmitter to now be remotely activated by 1 or more discreet and palm-sized wireless key fob transmitters. The key fob transmitter is ideal in locations where discreet and instant alerting may be required like courtrooms, medical facilities, assisted-living, schools, hotels, or retail.

QuickTalk™ with Key Fob Transmitter


With the four monitoring inputs available on the circuit board, two may be assigned to monitor key fob transmissions and trigger voice alerts, and the remaining inputs may be configured and assigned to monitor other conditions as described here

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