Overcome These Wireless Access Control Obstacles

Wireless Access Control Problem Solving

Wireless Access SolutionsLet’s take a look at solutions that overcome obstacles we see with wireless access control.

Obstacle #1: Adding a Secondary Access Point
You may have recently purchased a GateGuard® kit and would like to monitor and control a second gate (and thus have purchased a second callbox). Your original kit comes pre-programmed and all the radios work together immediately. (XT Callbox, JMX portable, and JBS desktop base station.)

Since no programming was needed originally, you may have questions on how to set up the system to work with the second callbox and control the second gate. Have no fear! The radios can be set up to use Channel 2 to monitor and control a secondary access point (like an additional gate). We have produced a video to cover this situation. Check it out! (And find all of our setup videos here.)

Field Programming 2 Gate Setup Ritron GateGuard® Wireless Access Control System

Obstacle #2: Choppy Signal or Poor Communication Quality
Have you experienced this situation? Visitors at the gate have no problem hearing you through the callbox, but voice quality at the base station in the guard house is poor. The built-in antennas handle most applications with ease, although if your particular application is hilly, contains obstructions, or otherwise has a compromised line-of-sight, then you may experience poor quality reception.

The solution? An external antenna can solve these problems - ideally mounted at the access point and at the guard house. Ritron recommends the RAM-1545 VHF/UHF, dual band, mag mount with a BNC connector. 

Be sure to contact us with your challenging situation and we'll help to solve it. Send us an email at sales_info@ritron.com or call us at 800.872.1872.

Additional Resources

GateGuard Kit Sell Sheet

Sell Sheet
Download the sell sheet here and share with your customers and prospects to further explain the GateGuard kit.


The GateGuard® Kit: The bundled system of pre-programmed radios includes the XT Series Callbox Model 6 or 7 with built-in relay (optional entry keypad model available), JMX Series 2-Way Portable Radio, and JBS Series Desktop 2-Way Base Station Radio.

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