Wireless Solutions for Construction Hoist Applications

Construction Hoist Application

Construction Hoist ApplicationsHoist, manlift, elevator, vertical transportation system, whatever term your customer uses, they’re referring to the movement of materials and workers up and down multiple floors on a construction site. Among the variety of logistics that must be managed, those responsible for the movement of materials long for simple, efficient, safe, and effective means of transporting those materials. How does a site manager meet those goals?

Key to achieving that goal is the ability to communicate. On site, one person mans the operation of the hoist and its dedicated wireless callbox, and each floor of the construction project contains another callbox mounted aside the elevator pick up point. The callboxes operate on the same dedicated frequency. As every new floor is constructed, an additional callbox is added. When a worker on any floor needs to communicate with the hoist operator, they simply press the button on the callbox to make their request for materials.

Safety and Reliability
Since voice traffic on these callboxes is dedicated to the operation of the hoist, the channel is clear from other voice communication occurring on site, eliminating confusing crosstalk. There are no wires to fray or become tangled, increasing reliability and simplicity while reducing cost.

Products that can be used in a hoist or manlift operation include our Q Series, XT Series, XD Series, and DMR Series Callboxes.

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