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We are committed to providing stellar service to our reseller network. Benefits are inherent and actualized based on the relationship, not solely on volume or quota commitments, as is the case with other manufacturers. Although we have regular business hours as an organization, we will go above and beyond in order to provide what the reseller or their customers need in a given situation.

How do I become a Ritron Reseller Partner?

Contact a member of the Ritron sales team for an initial discussion. Subsequently, a reseller application will be provided for completion. Once the application is fully completed and returned to Ritron, it will be reviewed by the National Sales Manager and followed up with a phone call for further discussion.

What can I expect from Ritron as a Reseller Partner?

Discounted pricing, leads in your market area, excellent customer service, training and support, and promotional materials. See the Ritron Reseller Partnership agreement for details.

What should be expected of me by Ritron?

You will be expected to: engage in consistent communication with the Ritron account management team; to provide product, market, and industry feedback; to respond to Ritron provided leads within 24 hours; to actively promote, demonstrate, represent, and sell Ritron products; and to actively engage in Co-Marketing activities with Ritron.

Are Ritron two-way radios compatible with all other brands of two-way radios?

Ritron's full line of two-way radio products is compatible with all major brands of two-way radios.

What makes Ritron different than other two-way radio manufacturers?

Ritron products are designed and built from the ground up at our manufacturing plant in Carmel, Indiana. Ritron specializes in unique two-way radio products that enhance and add value to any existing two-way radio system. Ritron is also unique in that we provide complete two-way radio based solutions for special applications.

Does Ritron manufacture digital two-way radio products? If so, in what format?

Ritron has been manufacturing analog two-way radio products for over 40 years. While we continue to manufacture analog radios, we are also manufacturing some of our products in both DMR and NXDN versions, and will be adding to our digital line over time.

What is the Ritron, Inc. mailing address and phone number?

RITRON, INC., 505 West Carmel Drive Carmel, IN 46032
Account management team phone: 1.800.872.1872


If you have any other questions that are not addressed here, please send us an email at


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