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QuickTalk™ with Key Fob Transmitter Extends Usefulness


When adding a key fob to remotely activate the versatile QuickTalk™ transmitter, a simple press of a wireless call button triggers a unique voice alert message to be transmitted from the QuickTalk to all 2-way radio equipped personnel.

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QuickTalk™ Monitors Sensors, Sends Voice Alert


This highly versatile QuickTalk™ transmitter can monitor virtually any process or condition, then report a change over your 2-way radio system. With four switch inputs and the ability to transmit custom recorded voice messages over multiple frequencies, this radio has virtually unlimited uses.

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Promoting GateGuard® and Ritron Face To Face


I recently had the pleasure of traveling to the Chicago area with our National Sales Manager, Dennis Sieracki.

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Overcome These Wireless Access Control Obstacles


Two solutions are presented: 1) Field programming when you add a second gate (thus a second callbox) to your existing GateGuard® system, and 2) Solving choppy communication / weak signal from the base station to the callbox.

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Wireless Access Control Solutions GateGuard


Learn how access control problems are solved through the use of the Ritron GateGuard® kit, specifically designed for use in commercial and industrial applications like treatment plants, factories, warehousing, schools, and healthcare facilities.

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Ritron Callboxes Solve Problems For Construction Hoist Intercom Application


Learn how Steve Rice, president of Ritron, realized the future potential of wireless communication within the construction hoist application.

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Hoist Applications Problem Solving


Learn how Ritron Q Series, XT Series, XD Series, and DMR Series Callboxes solve problems on the construction site in hoist applications.

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Wireless Solutions for Construction Hoist Applications


Learn how a construction site manager can benefit from the rugged, reliable, cost-effective use of Ritron Callboxes within a hoist or manlift operation.

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XT Series GateGuard Wireless Intercom and Access Control System


Ritron Inc., announced the availability of the XT Series GateGuard® Wireless Intercom and Access Control System. The system provides reliable, long-range (up to 1-mile, line-of-sight), 2-way voice communication with visitors at gated entry points. The result is a more secure facility without compromising your ability to communicate.

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Shopper Callbox Helps Retail Store Manager


Learn how Melissa, a store manager for a large retail chain, transforms her store.

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