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Purpose-Built DMR Digital 2-Way Radio Callbox

February 22, 2018

Ritron, Inc., has announced it is now shipping the new, purpose-built, DMR Digital Series, radio callbox. The fixed location callbox is compatible with other DMR Tier-2, two-slot TDMA digital portable and mobile 2-way radios. The Ritron DMR callbox allows users to further leverage the use of wireless technology to conveniently locate "fixed" radio communication "right where they need it" – eliminates dead spots and expands the coverage footprint area.

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Cost Effective UHF NXDN™ Digital Liberty Repeater Extends Coverage For On-Site Applications 

February 22, 2018

Ritron, Inc. announced early 2Q 2018 availability of the NXDN Digital version of the popular full duplex, on-site UHF Liberty repeater. The NXDN Liberty repeater will operate in the 450-470MHz band at 6.25 kHz super narrowband. It will be capable of up to 10 watts of transmit power (as measured at the output of the type-N antenna connector), 1 channel operation, and up to 10 user groups using RAN codes.

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NXDN™ Digital 2-Way Radio Callbox Leverages Use Of Wireless Technology 

February 22, 2018

Ritron, Inc., has announced it is shipping the, purpose-built, NXDN Digital XD Series, 2-way radio callbox. The fixed location callbox is compatible with other conventional UHF NXDN digital or analog portable and mobile 2-way radios. The callbox is capable of NXDN digital @ VNB 6.25KHz or NB 12.5KHz conventional mode or analog @ NB 12.5KHz.

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LoudMouth® Wireless PA / Mass Notification System

July 24, 2017

Get your message to everyone with wireless communication . . . from the maintenance building to the rail-yard to other pinpoint locations using your existing 2-way radios. Position as many independent wireless receiver and PA speakers as needed, anywhere you need them. The LoudMouth Wireless PA system is a cost-effective replacement for worn out hard-wired PA systems and eliminates cost to re-wire an entire facility.

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