Construction Sites and Ritron Radio Callboxes

Construction Sites: Ideal Location For Ritron Radio Callboxes

Callboxes in Construction IndustryConstruction sites are ideal locations for Ritron fixed location, battery-powered, radio callboxes.

Why? Because an existing network of radios is already in use, and adding a callbox is a simple and effective way to enhance and enable communication. Remember, one of the main benefits of adding a callbox is to enable those without a radio to contact those with a radio.

Here’s how:

Regardless of the specific application, the ability to communicate is of paramount importance for the health, safety, and productivity of workers at the construction site.

Did You Know?

All Ritron products are field programmable. Find user manuals with complete instructions here, and for PC programmable products, find software information here.

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Callboxes Information and Specifications

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