New Level of Safety for Warehouse Employees

DMR Callbox Increases Employee SafetyProviding A New Level of Safety to Warehouse Employees

A Ritron DMR Digital Callbox Application Case Study

One of the key ways we help you increase your business is by providing information on how other two-way radio dealers in North America are meeting the unique needs of their customers with Ritron products. We are always looking for new and interesting ways you use wireless technology and our products to bring solutions to your customers. Do you have a story to tell? Let us know at

As we continue to focus on the Ritron DMR Digital Callbox this month, one of our reseller partners related the following success story: 

Management at a major food distribution facility wanted to improve the level of employee safety on the warehouse floor. With employees expressing similar concerns, both parties realized that with workers spread across the 100,000 square foot facility, communication delays would be imminent in the event of an accident or emergency. Notifying other personnel and receiving care would be slowed given the limited forms of communication available on the shop floor. 

That’s when our Ritron reseller partner was brought in for a consultation. Using his expertise in this market segment, and his familiarity with Ritron’s unique products, he realized the value he could offer by not only protecting the customer’s current investment but also doing some creative problem solving. 

He also clearly heard the customer’s primary desire to improve the overall safety of their employees. The customer expressed it was not economically feasible to equip all employees with handheld radios, therefore an affordable, creative solution was needed.

To address these concerns, the dealer placed Ritron DMR Digital Callboxes in “safe zones” throughout the plant. These Callboxes allow any employee to call for help by communicating directly with existing radios. With its easy to see bright green case, the callbox is always available when called upon to contact the existing radio network.

As a result, the distribution facility operators have now provided a new level of safety to their warehouse employees. The affordable solution allows the customer to remain within budget, and to gain increased utility and further leverage the investment in their current radio network. The dealer reports, “The employees have shown a high level of comfort with the system, and the customer is delighted with the new level of safety now in place in the warehouse.”

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